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Having a bedside is the latest trend to decorate your room. Both economic and creative, we adopt without hesitation this trend of recovery and diversion that makes us reinvent or make our own bedside ideal. Here we go to revamp his bedroom with a bedside table DIY!

A swing is placed as a bedside table in the bedroom

Original, the idea of recycling a bedside swing has the advantage of clearing the space below. However, be careful with the movement of the swing which involves placing objects that may eventually fall!

We transform a small step stool into a trendy bedside table

We had not thought about it and yet this little stool made of wood is transformed into a bedside table with the charm of its aged appearance. Provided that it is stable and of sufficient width, there is room for a lamp.

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We recover an old wooden crate for a bedside deco and trend

In this Australian house, we were able to mix recycle, color and style into the room. As bedside, an old wooden crate was installed as is, in its raw state. With its graphic and colorful accessories on top, a polka dots and a bedside lamp green apple, it displays a beautiful modernity.

We turn a bedside armchair for the bedroom

Bedside, this vintage armchair welcomes a book and a pair of glasses at bedtime. A small decorative cushion and the turn is played for a diverted cheviot.

We recover an old metal basin to turn it into bedside

Recovered and diverted from its function, an aged metal basin becomes an original vintage bedside once installed near the bed. Its soft gray tones and imperfections give a romantic style to the room.

Two bicolor caissons are suspended for an aerial bedside

Two boxes suspended, one above the other, act as bedside. The “drawer” version allows you to place objects and hide them inside. The “shelf” version can store a cup and books. Two ideal solutions to not occupy the floor space and adapt to small rooms. The trick that enhances the impression of volume: the painting of the top drawer in white, as the upper part of the wall and the bottom in green, as the lower part of the wall.

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We turn a light wooden chair into a Scandinavian bedside for the bedroom

In this room, a simple chair serves as a best bedside table. Thanks to its Nordic style in blond wood, it brings softness and simplicity to the bedroom decor. And the size of the seat is enough to accommodate the necessary, a small lamp and some books.

Multiply suitcases for an original bedside table

In this tinder for mac, three vintage suitcases change function, placed near the bed. Once superimposed and stabilized, they become an original and practical bedside with a beautiful surface to lay an alarm clock or a bouquet of flowers.

DIY: a bedside made from wooden pallets

Mounted on wheels, pieces of a wooden pallet have been transformed into trendy bedside tables. Economical, this bedside made from wood of recovery brings style and warmth to a room a little white. Its shape allows it to accommodate a beautiful stack of books.

We fix on the wall an old table drawer for a recovery minded bedside

Once attached to the wall near the bed, a simple open drawer turns into a bedside. The important thing is to fix it securely and at the right height for easy access and to put in accessories and treasures.

Dodge an Air Bedside Storage Cube

To modernize the bedroom of a Haussmanian apartment with moldings, we divert a storage cube bedside. Once hung on the wall near the bed, we use its tablet side to put a lamp and the shelf space to store books.

Divert ladders as a bedside

On either side of the bed, two thin ladders were diverted into extra bedside tables. A thought idea for fans of reading since the different steps can accommodate a number of books.

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