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Miami is a very suitable city to get married for various reasons, there are very beautiful people, it is a fun city, there is a lot of Latin and we sin of passionate people. You may also have met someone and do not want them to go to your country and choose to get married. You also have the issue of immigration or you get a “penalty”. Maybe you have just fallen in love madly and the sun, the sea and the heat of Miami have risen to your head and you have decided to “throw the rope around your neck” as the French say.

The fact is that you wonder what the steps to take are.

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Here are the rules in the state of Florida:

  • If one of the boyfriends is a minor, you need the consent of both parents, unless one of the parents has full custody of that child. If this is the case, the custodial parent must sign a consent form.
  • The minor must present a birth certificate that indicates the name of couple. The identification of the parents must be presented with the minor who is requesting the marriage license. You can also give a gift to them on happy Valentine’s Day Gift.
  • In Florida there is a three-day waiting period if you do not want to take the pre-marital course for a minimum of 4 hours. Otherwise you will receive the license the day you request it, but it will not be effective until three days later if you do not take the course. Be careful, this does not apply to those who are not Florida residents.
  • In the state of Florida, since January 4, 1999, it is a requirement to do four hours of a pre-marital course. If you do not want to do it you have to wait three days until your marriage becomes legal. (Nothing to get married like in Las Vegas overnight and get up with a wedding ring on your finger without remembering how you put it or the reason that prompted you, here we are a little more civilized!). If you thought that you needed medical recognition, you are wrong because since October 1986 it is not a requirement.
  • Now let’s talk about numbers. How much does a marriage license cost? Take a look at this website.
  • If you decide to take the pre-marital course these are the graduates that can provide it: A psychologist. A person with a diploma in social service. A family therapeutic A mental health counselor the member of a recognized religious institution.
  • If you have questions about the procedures to follow to get a marriage license, you can call (305) 375-3019.

Common questions:

  • Can I hold a ceremony without having the license in my hands? DO NOT! In no way, the law determines that to hold a nuptial ceremony you must have the license.
  • In Miami Dade County you can apply for a marriage license: Monday through Friday and from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. In the district court at 5400 NW 22nd Ave. Suite 205 Miami, Florida 33142 phone: (305) 275- 1155 or online
  • At the Court of Coral Gables 3100 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 100 Coral Gables, Florida 33134 Phone: (305) 275-1155
  • At the Hialeah Court 11 E. 6th Street Hialeah, Florida 33010 phone (305) 275-1155
  • At the Miami Beach Court 1130 Washington Ave. Room 200 Miami Beach, Florida 33139 phone (305) 275-1155.
  • At the Matrimonial Licensing Bureau 140 West Flagler Street, Suite 1503 Miami, Florida 33130 Tel.: (305) 275-1155.
  • At the North Dade Justice Center 15555 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 100 Miami, Florida 33160 phone: (305) 275-1155.
  • At the South Dade Justice Center 10710 SW 211th St., Suite 1200 Miami, Florida 33189 Phone: (305) 275-1155.
  • Cash, cashier’s check, money orders, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Personal checks are not admitted.
  • Once a license is issued, how long does it last? It is valid for 60 days from the date it was issued; the marriage must be done during that period.
  • Who can carry out the ceremony? A minister of some religion who has been ordained, a priest or a rabbi. Also any judge of the state of Florida, a secretary of the court and its deputies and a notary.
  • After the ceremony who returns the license to the marriage bureau? The person who celebrates the ceremony can deliver it.
  • A ceremony can be held in any office of the marriage offices. There is usually a room that fulfills this purpose and is decorated specifically for these events.
  • If you want to bring family, flowers photographers or musicians these will be welcome. Also if you want to get cheap tickets for friends and family

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