How to Deal With the Fear of The Crowds


There are many people who fear the crowds. The technical expression of this fear is enoclophobia read more on For some people, this fear may seem stupid as it seems to be an irrational fear of something that does not pose any danger. But for some, it is a very serious question.

People who fear crowds may suffer from panic attacks. These attacks can cause the chest to tighten and cause breathing difficulties. Generally, this occurs because of the higher levels of anxiety in a crowd.

How to Deal With the Fear of The Crowds

There are many different reasons why people fear the crowds. The one is that they fear that they can increase their chances of contracting a fatal disease by being with so many people. Some fear that they will be beaten down and crushed when they are in a crowd. There are people who fear people because they do not feel important when they are surrounded by others. Many fear to lose in a crowd.

Fear of being lost in a crowd could come from a traumatic childhood experience, where you lost yourself and could not find your parents. This can also come from the father who constantly tells the child to stay close or else they will be lost.

There are many things you can do to help overcome your enoclophobia. Try to go out into small crowds of people you already know. Perhaps you can attend a small dinner, and gradually you reach large crowds. Sometimes it can help bring something with you that helps to calm down. You can bring a cup of hot tea or your mp3 player so you can listen to soothing music if you start feeling nervous. You may also consider seeking help from a doctor.

Many doctors can prescribe medicines to help people overcome panic disorders. There are also other natural therapies that you may consider. You can try hypnosis or acupuncture if you do not like the idea of prescribed medicine.

Consider challenging yourself to go out to the crowd several times a month. Take trips to places like grocery and post office so you can go fast if you start to feel nervous!

If you have enoclophobia, remember that you are not alone. Many people share this fear with you. You can try searching online forums and support groups to find out what has helped others. You can also find local groups like this in your local newspaper.

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