List and Definitions of Existing Phobias in the World.


Definition of phobia:

A phobia is a suffix to describe an irrational fear in psychiatry and psychology more about psychology This article lists all the phobias that have been identified in the world, from the most obvious to the most original. If you thought we were only afraid of emptiness, spiders or flying, know that there is a very large number of phobia often specific to the individual’s experience. Do not hesitate to tell us about your own phobia as a comment on this article.

Before we begin, we would like to point out that the vast majority of phobias are psychological and that you can therefore call in a psychologist to answer your questions or to definitively remedy them.

We have therefore grouped all the main phobias to classify them into three types: psychological disorders, animal phobias, non-psychological phobias and phobias due to superstitions . You may find the exact name of the phobia you have. The purpose of this article is just to give you the names. We will explain the symptoms in several articles. One of them will be specifically about social phobia. You can also read our article ” Understanding your phobia: definition and causes”.

List of different types of phobia:

Psychological disorders

  • Ablutophobia and Aquaphobia – Fear of drowning in water or a liquid element and fear of water.
  • Acarophobia – This word comes from the word mite. It therefore refers to the fear of mites and microscopic parasites.
  • Achluophobia , Kénophobie and Nyctophobie – Many children have known since it is the fear of black and half-light.
  • Achmophobia / Aichmophobia or Belenophobia – Fear of all items with a point such as eels, syringes, pins or knives.
  • Acrophobia – This is vertigo simply. The fear when we find ourselves at the edge of a cliff for example.
  • Apeirophobia – is the fear of infinity or eternity
  • Aerophobia – This word defines the fear of air movements such as wind or squalls. The wind generated by the speed can also be associated with it.
  • Aerodromophobia and Aviophobia – This is a fear that affects those who never travel by plane.
  • Agoraphobia, Anthropophobia and Ochlophobia – As its etymology indicates, it is the fear of the crowd and public places.
  • Algophobia – It is defined by the fear of hurting, suffering, feeling pain.
  • Anaphylaxis – A phobia that probably benefits dating sites because it is about the fear of celibacy.
  • Autophobia – Living alone anguishes you completely? So you are affected by this phobia, the fear of loneliness.
  • Athazagoraphobia – This is so called if you are still afraid that you will be neglected, ignored, or forgotten.
  • Atychiphobia – The fear of failure is so called.
  • Automysophobia, Mysophobia and Bacillophobia – Fear of being dirty, feeling bad, afraid of bacteria
  • Blemmophobia and Scopophobia – Fear of others’ eyes.
  • Cancerophobia – A phobia that you risk developing if you train too often on Doctissimo. This is the fear of having cancer.
  • Claustrophobia – A well-known phobia, that of confined or special spaces like submarines or planes.
  • Coulrophobia – If the clowns make you laugh, they also scare especially since the movie “That”.
  • Gerascophobia – Time is passing and we are all aging. It scares you.
  • Glossophobia – Many professionals have to express themselves in public but it terrifies them. They are affected by this phobia.
  • Haptophobia (or Aphphosmophobia ) – These words define anyone who has a fear of being touched by an outsider.
  • Hematophobia – It’s the fear of blood.
  • Hypegiaphobia – In the professional world, people are terribly afraid of responsibilities. They are affected by this phobia
  • Katagélophobie – If ridicule does not kill, some are afraid.
  • Social phobia – This is a particular phobia that only occurs in certain social situations.
  • Thanatophobia – Does the idea of ​​your own death worry you regularly? You are undoubtedly thanatophobic.
  • Tokophobia – A 100% feminine fear since it is the fear of giving birth.

Animal phobias :

Animals can also scare the man. After all, it’s a natural reaction. But what is amazing is that animals that cause phobias are not very big for the most part. Most often, they are the most discreet, those who can arrive without being seen or who we can imagine that they will be introduced into our body. That gives cold in the back. In addition, animal phobias create a real panic or a total loss of self-control.

  • Ailurophobia – Yes it is possible to have cats. This phobia is the proof.
  • Anthelmophobia – Worms are disgusting and dirty. That’s enough to create cold sweats in some.
  • Arachnophobia – They can sting, wrap us in a web or inject us with venom. Spiders have everything to scare.
  • Cynophobia – The fear of dogs also exists and is widespread.
  • Entomophobia – This is a fear that many of us know, that of insects. There is one that makes you particularly uncomfortable.
  • Herpetophobia – Crocodiles, lizards and other snakes we do not like at all. You are a victim of this phobia.
  • Ichthyophobia – Anything that swims in the seas and oceans disgusts you and makes you flee. Fish are far from being your best friends.
  • Musophobia – Rats and mice make you jump on chaies and tables. They are your worst nightmare.
  • Ornithophobia – A fear that Hitchock knows well, that of birds .
  • Squalophobia – Just hear the music from the teeth of the sea to make you run away. Even in an aquarium, sharks create a panic at home.
  • Zoophobia – 30 million ennmis is your motto. You are afraid of all animals.

Non-psychological conditions:

There are also phobias that are not due to psychological influence but can be physical or sensory. It is the stimulus provoked by the object of the phobia that then arouses fear. The smell, the sight, the hearing or the touch can cause fears. It is the sensation itself that will cause the phobia. A texture, a sound, a color can thus cause a fear. Here are some examples of non-psychological phobias:

  • Rabies Hydrophobia – water can be a cause of extreme fear.
  • Osmophobia – People are sensitive to odors and cause fear in their homes.
  • Phonophobia – Sound and sound are also sensory elements that scare.
  • Photophobia – There are those who are afraid of the dark and those who are hypersensitive to light.


We have seen previously that phobias can be psychological or physical. They can also be related to a superstition or culture. It is mainly the numbers that are the cause. The fear of the number 666 synonymous with the devil and hell is called (hold well) the hexakosioihexekontahexaphobie. The number 13, sometimes unlucky, can in some cultures cause fear by the misfortune that accompanies it.

The most surprising phobias:

There are also totally unexpected phobias, difficult to explain but widespread. They can make you laugh, it’s true, but they are a real embarrassment in the daily life of those who suffer them. Here is a small list of the most bizarre phobias:

  • Alektorophobia – Fear of chickens.
  • Apopathodiaphulatophobia – Being afraid of constipation or being the victim.
  • Basophobia – The fear of simply walking. Difficult then to move in this case.
  • Carpophobia – For some people, fruits can be really scary.
  • Chorophobia – There are those who do not like dancing in clubs and who are really scared.
  • Emetophobia – A particular fear: the fear of having to vomit.
  • Ithyphallophobia / Medorthophobia – A psychological fear of the penis but not at rest, only when it is erect.
  • Nomophobia – We are all addicted to our mobile phone and the idea of ​​being separated can be scary.
  • Pogonophobia – The hypsters probably are not because we are talking about the fear of the hair of the cheeks and the beard.

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