Main Functions of the Financial Administrator


As a company grows and develops more activities, the functions of the financial manager are increasingly important, as they are oriented to making financial and investment decisions, always maintaining the negotiating mentality of obtaining the best results for the company. Company and its shareholders.

Main Functions of the Financial Administrator

The financial management is a fundamental administrative unit of the organization of any company or organization, in which financial resources are managed, its category is of a high executive character. It depends directly on the General Management and under its command are the departments of: General Accounting and Costs, Treasury, Budget Programming, etc. The main tasks of the financial manager are:

  • Analyze the financial statements and ensure they are on time and are reliable.
  • Prepare cash budgets.
  • Contribute in the purpose of maximizing the equity of the shares.
  • Maintain a healthy balance between liquidity and profitability.
  • Distribute the funds between the different areas of the company.
  • Set policies on the management of assets.
  • Define the capital structure.
  • Know the economic situation of the country and the trends of the world economy.

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