The Fourth of July


For the past 242 years to this day, Americans have stopped for one day a year to commemorate their land; a day where national pride pumps the heart of every citizen. On this day, the country is dressed in stars and stripes, and it is fun not to find an outdoor space where you are not celebrating a barbecue! Obviously, we are talking about The Fourth of July, The Independence Day.

What makes this day important?

To understand this celebration, we have to travel in time until 1776 during the American Revolution. In this era the differences between the 13 British colonies in the New World (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, North and South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia) and the British Empire were irreconcilable, due to taxes ordered by England. On July 2, 1776 in Philadelphia, the Second Continental Congress ” Second Continental Congress” (the Assembly of the Thirteen Colonies during the colonial period in the American Revolution),The choice of a resolution of independence by Great Britain was put on the table, reaching a consensus. This was the day and, not on July 4, in which ‘the declaration of independence’ was drafted and signed, written by Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Robert R. Livingston, Roger Sherman and Benjamin Franklin, known as ” The Committee of the Five . ”

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In any case, on July 4 the declaration was approved and made public, considering that the fact gave rise to the United States of America. The 13 Colonies emerged and declared themselves independent states.

This did not end here that the war continued and the American Army of George Washington defeated the English in 1781, only a few years later. And 4th of July picture 2018 did not arrive definitively until 1783 with the Treaty of Paris. It was approved in 1787 before the US Constitution. and in 1789 George Washington was elected the first president. Since then, the number of States has increased from 13 to 50, and the population has also increased from 2.5 million to 316 million.

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Undoubtedly, it is worth to meet in one of the many American cities on July 4, since the annual celebration is much more than a mere festival: it is the representation of what America means! Really, it does not matter if you are in a small town or in the big city, you will witness a patriotic festival, you will be surrounded by flags and you will be wrapped in red, white and blue, before giving way to the traditional barbecue with friends and relatives; and as a main course and end of the day, you will enjoy a pyrotechnic show.

Under the National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner and posing their hands in their hearts, American citizens celebrate the pride of their flag: “(…) And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave, O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave “(Oh say, the flag studded with stars is still waving over the land of the free and the home of the brave). Click on to get more knowledge about this topic.

Among the most outstanding celebrations are those in Washington DC , the political center of the country. Celebrating the 4th of July surrounded by famous monuments, symbolic references, The White House, The Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, etc., is a unique experience. Another good option is Boston, a city that contributed to the independence process. Boston Harborfest attracts almost 3 million visitors each year.

In New York you cannot miss the fireworks that during the last 40 years have been the work of the department stores, Macy’s. The event includes more than 45,000 fireworks launched from four boats on the Hudson River between 24th and 42nd streets. In Coney Island there is also a curious contest that consists of eating hot dogs “Nathan’s Famous July 4th International Hot Dog-Eating Contest”.

If you are tempted to celebrate the 4th of July in the United States and are already preparing your bags, do not forget to request your ESTA authorization in advance and forget about heavy bureaucracies. Enjoy choosing your destination for such a special day, that we should all experience once in a lifetime.

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